A ministry of love to meet the basic need
for affordable, safe and respectable housing.

Home Ownership

Habitat for Humanity of the Newberg Area is a Christian housing ministry financed through private donations and volunteer labor.

Our goal is to enter into partnership with families currently living in substandard housing, who wish to own their own home, but have not been able to get the help they need anywhere else. We build simple, decent, affordable homes and sell these homes to selected families at no profit and no interest.

Primary Qualifications

The primary qualifications for the Habitat for Humanity program are:
1.) Need for adequate shelter
2.) Ability to pay
3.) Willingness to partner

Family Selection Guidelines

The following information further defines the criteria we use to determine the families with whom we will partner. Please read it carefully to decide whether you and your family have an interest in our ministry AND to see if you meet our general guidelines.


Family must live, work, or have some specific connection to our service area which includes Newberg, Dayton, Dundee, Sherwood and St. Paul.

Need for Adequate Shelter

1.) Current shelter has problems with heating, water, electricity, bathroom(s), kitchen, structure, environmental hazards, etc.

2.) Overcrowded conditions determined by number of persons, age, and sex of family members.

3.) Unable to obtain a conventional or government assisted loan.

4.) Excessive amount of income spent on housing.

5.) Special needs of a family member that cannot be met in current living circumstances.

Ability to Pay

1.) Family has a reliable source of income.

2.) Family demonstrates the financial resources and ability to pay the monthly payment (including taxes and insurance) on a regular basis.  Home ownership must not threaten household income or the ability to continue payments of monthly household expenses and/or current debt.

3.) Family has a history of responsible payment of debt.

4.) Family income must fall between 25% and 50% of the median income for the  area. (See Family Income Guidelines).  This is for total family income. Exceptions may be made for exceptional need.

5.) The combined total of the monthly mortgage payment and all monthly debt payments should not be greater than 36% of the family’s gross monthly income.  Exceptions in severe case of need.

Willingness to Partner with Habitat for Humanity

1.) Family must be willing and able to contribute 500 hours of volunteer labor, or "sweat equity", to build your home, other Habitat homes, or perform other Habitat work.

2.) Whenever classes are made available, family is willing to attend our family support classes, which include financial counseling, home maintenance and repair.

3.) Family is willing to receive home visits and interviews from family selection committee members and media representatives for publicity purposes. 

4.) As Habitat home owners, each family recognizes its own important and ongoing role, and, within its own reasonable capacity, is therefore willing to be a visible advocate for Habitat for Humanity, helping others achieve home ownership by volunteering their time and continuing the circle of “a hand up”.

Habitat for Humanity does not discriminate based on age, sex, race,
ethnic background, national origin, or religion.

Family Income Guidelines


Year 2015 Guidelines

Size of Household Annual Income Monthly Income
One $12,875 - $30,900 $1,073 - $2,575
Two $14,700 - $35,280 $1,225 - $2,940
Three $16,550 - $39,720 $1,379 - $3,310
Four $18,375 - $44,100 $1,531 - $3,675
Five $19,850 - $47,640 $1,654 - $3,970
Six $21,325 - $51,180 $1,777 - $4,265
Seven $22,800 - $54,720 $1,900 - $4,560
Eight $24,275 - $58,260 $2,023 - $4,855

(Source: US Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Your family income should be above the first figures and below the second figures in the columns above in order for you to qualify.